Monday, July 28, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Pluto AM Not A Stupid Planet!

The benevolent King Of Saturn has disappeared!

Fortunately, Rocketman is on the job!

See, it is so a planet!! Still, the "inhabited by a race of idiots" is kinda harsh, science dude.

Ahh, but we have the glimmerings of a plot here...

Rocketman flies to Pluto...

...but only a fool brings a brain to an idiot fight!

King Morono?!?

OK, well named.

Hey, they stole the plot of The Krotons!! (Yes, I know this came first, but time travel and stuff)

Fortunately, Rocketman has seen through the Plutonians Achilles heel hat:

Time to beat up idiots!

Or maybe not...

What--no use beating up unintelligent babies? What kind of Earth man are you, Rocketman?!?

From Rocketman #1 (1952)


SallyP said...

If they are childlike morons...then who thought up stealing brains and made the machinery?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they were intelligent once but degenerated? Like in THE TIME MACHINE?

Or they just watched multiple repeats of "Spock's Brain".