Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deadman Has ALWAYS Been Skeevy!

Remember those halcyon day early in the nu52, when Deadman was romancing Dove, and discussed possessing a body so he could...ahem...physically demonstrate his love for her? And everyone thought that was terrible skeevy?

Well, yeah, it was...but that misses the point that Deadman has ALWAYS been skeevy. 

For example:

There's this criminal outfit on a Caribbean island that's posing as a health spa but is really a front to create new faces and new identities from criminals.

Yes, Bob Haney created the basic plot of Die Another Day 30 years ahead of time.

Anyhoo, Batman and Deadman are trying to infiltrate the place and bring them down, because crime bad.

So Deadman possess the body of the head of the outfit, Richie Wandruss.

That leaves the problem of Wandruss' girlfriend and fellow criminal, Lilly Lang...

But that's no problem if you're Boston Brand!

Ah, but the next few days are filled with good lovin', Deadman style!

And Lilly is liking the "new" Richie...

But Batman has no time for love! He insists that when the gang gets busted, Lilly get's busted right along with them!

Well, Deadman can't have that, so he decides the vest action...is to confess to Lilly?

Well, that's an...odd reaction.

You'd think that the revelation that the guy you thought was your boyfriend was really an acrobatic ghost possessing his body would at the very least result in a slap or an "EEEEEWWWWWW" or a long hot shower scrubbing yourself off. Not Lilly...apparently she's into full-body cosplay.

Of course, Boston hasn't been entirely square with her...

Sadly, Deadman doesn't persuade her to quit, and in fact, he has to shoot her dead to prevent her killing Batman. Ain't love grand?

So, Deadman has ALWAYS been skeevy.

But, it's still not as skeevy as the skeeviest comic book story ever...

From Brave And The Bold #104 (1972)


art.the.nerd said...

Lilly Lang? Didn't Superman date her for a while?

Anonymous said...

This is like the story of Pwyll and Arawn...except the whole point of that story is that Pwyll WASN'T skeevy.