Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Truth About Disco--Gotham-Style!!

You kids today and your Blu-Rays of American Hustle and you're ironically-downloaded remixes of Bee Gees songs and your drugged out "raves," you think you know what disco was all about.

Well, flibbety floo!! You've got no idea of the grandeur that was the Disco Era. Hang tight, because you're about to get the unvarnished truth about disco--Gotham-Style!!

Bruce Wayne has flown Barry and Iris out to Gotham City for a luxury weekend--and midewestern gal Iris is damned impressed by the big city:

Oh, Bruce, what a dick.

Still, it's a good thing that you're wearing that leisure suit...

OK, are you ready (no, you're not) to see what disco was really like? Brace yourselves!

Seriously, this is a 100% true depiction of what the disco era was like. Yowsah!

And then the panel of the decade:

John Travolta had nothing on Bruce Wayne.

But wait, we've barely begun to scratch the surface of the disco phenomenon. Because I'm dead certain that you never knew that disco included this:

Disco Pirates!!!

Disco Jaguars!!

Disco Jokers!!! (Yes, that is just some dude dressed like the Joker, not the real villain)

And don't forget...

The Phantom Of The Stardust!!

Wait, who's again?

Yowsah, indeed!!

Except, of course, this is Gotham City, so it turns out that the Phantom is really the ghost of a guy whose girlfriend died on that location in one of those 1930s dance marathons. So know he comes back and dances young ladies to death, stealing their life force.

No, really:

Ah, disco, how we miss you...

From Brave And The Bold #151 (1979)

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