Monday, April 17, 2017

Cinam Yadnom--S'eh Arbadak Arba!!

How about a little magic, scarecrow?

If there's one rule that should be burned into everyone's memory, tattooed on their body like in Memento, taught to schoolchildren from the first day of kindergarten--it's that whenever you meet someone new, you should ALWAYS try spelling their name backwards, before it's too late.

From Count Alucard to alien presidential candidates to the lord of evil himself, bad guys get away with their shenanigans much longer than they should because your average joe just won't take the simple precaution of seeing what this new person's name might spell backwards!

Anyway, there's a new stage magician on the scene, and Earth scientists are flummoxed, because they can't figure out how he's accomplishing his miraculous tricks.

So, as scientists are wont to do. they reach out to Uranus, and in turn Uranus sends their favorite son, Marvel Boy!

(HINT: Spell her name backwards, fools!)


Well, an intensive examination by Marvel Boy provides no help:

And so it goes.

Now, if Marvel Boy had simply tried saying the guy's name backwards, the story is over. But he doesn't, so "Emit Erut-Uf" is kidnapped by mobsters, who use him to rob an impenetrable vault. Marvel Boy rescues him, but the magician has decided on a very public bit of revenge:

But legally, he might be on safe ground...?

Yeah, it's OK to murder hoodlums!!

Anyway, Marvel Boy has figured it out...but keeps his cards close to his vest!

Or maybe it was a magician from the future using scientific methods that were indistinguishable from magic, and you just went and invented Abra Kadabra more than a decade early!!

Still, kids--always SPELL THEIR NAME BACKWARDS!! You won't regret it!!

From Astonishing #6 (1951)

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SallyP said...

There is just something that draws a villain towards sporting a goatee and a pencil thin mustache.