Saturday, April 15, 2017

That Time Tony Stark Invented Skynet!

Tony Stark is just noodling around, minding his own business in 1968, when he's kidnapped by dickweeds from the future!!

Take that, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!!


[P.S. Sorry, Manchester!]

See!! It isn't just Hank Pym that creates world-destrying artificial intelligences!!

I'm not sure of the scientific explanation for everyone regressing to caveman/gladiator gear...

Well, fortunately, as predicted, Cerebrus detected their time travel energy, and attacks--good job, future dickweeds.

Tony finds a more sympathetic rebel, who helps Tony find a well-preserved suit of armor in a museum. And after some pointless punching and kicking, well, Tony just Kirks the hell out of the damn computer!

Works every time!!

And then Tony travels back to 1968, and doesn't invent Skynet.

What the hell have you done to clean up your mess lately, Pym?!?!

From Iron Man #5 (1968)

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