Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Madness, 1st Semifinal--SHOCKER!!

It's time for the first semifinal of The Seven Justice Soldiers Of The Victory League Society!!



It should be trickier for team Superman this time around, as they have to face a true major league magic user!

And indeed, that's how it starts off, as Kal-El takes one of Dr. Fate's bolts of eldritch energy right to the face, and goes down!! Big trouble for the #1 seed!!

Ralph Dibny's nose starts smelling a mystery, which means he's helpless when he gets a snoutful of sleep gas from Sandman!!

Metamorpho turns into a super-dense mesh, temporarily trapping the Atom. So this battle may come down to Dr. Fate vs. Sandman!

But wait!! Sandman unleashes a punch so powerful, he actually dents Fate's helmet!! What the?!?! Team Superman wins--but how?!?

LOOK!! Sandman is taking off his gas mask--and he's really Superman!! INCREDIBLE!! It was the classic Silver Age tactic of switching identities before the fight, so Wesley Dodds would take the brunt of Doctor Fate's attack, leaving Superman free to take the sorcerer by surprise!!

What a classic!! Tune in later this morning for the second semifinal!!


George Chambers said...

***After the fight is over***

SUPERMAN: Okay, Sandman, you can get up now. I want my costume back.

SANDMAN: (Smolders. Parts of him are actually on fire.)

SUPERMAN: Oh, crap.

John Hennings said...

But Superman doesn't wear a mask, and he and Wesley Dodds don't look very much alike...

snell said...

Superman's many (many) times switching places with Batman for similar tricks had made Kal-El something of a make-up master, at least when it came to making people look like him.