Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why You Really Should Have Studied Harder In Math Class

A frustrated mathematical genius is given a glimpse of the future:


But of course, this being a 1950s horror comic, you just know the ironic twist is coming around the bend like a freight train:

A whole week? And presumably you' know...consummated your marriage several times before you noticed she hadn't a single thought in her brain. So....ewwww.

This whole "be careful of what you wish for scenario" was concocted by:

Natas? Why that's just...oh, wait for the big reveal, two disappointing wishes later:

D'oh. You'd think Mr. Science would at least notice that the name of his mysterious crystal-headed to-good-to-be-true benefactor was just Satan spelled backwards.

Then again, you'd think the Prince Of Lies could come up with a better pseudonym. Oh, well, he and Count Alucard are probably kicking back with a snifter of brandy, laughing at how stupid we mortals are...

From Hand Of Fate #23 (1954).

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