Sunday, April 2, 2017

Great Moments In Bad Predictions--"In The Bag"!!

Wow. Sounds like a hell of a day!

It's 1956, and the U.S. is flying medical supplies to the French forces in Saigon...

 Trust me...the long underwear bit comes in handy later...

Anyway, despite allegedly being just a few miles from Saigon, the plane is shot down!

 No one is hurt...but the Americans are captured by the rebels!

Well, our heroes quickly put the kibosh on the rebels (which means killing them all)...but then they investigate where the hell they really are!

And that's why someone needs to invent GPS, stat!!

[I might also note that this comic completely stole its plot from Tomorrow Never Dies...]

Well, there's only one thing for red-blooded American troops to do--kill everyone and raze the place, including...

 And, and the title of this post, about the prediction?

 Yup, "The Frenchies will have this war in the bag." No doubt.

Oh, and the long underwear? How does that play into our story?

Oh, you crazy Americans...

From G.I. Combat #42 (1956)

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