Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quote of The Week, Hobo-Style!

Sometimes, you find a quote that expresses itself perfectly:

Whew. Top that, Bendis!

Anyway, Rock Candy Mountain, which broke from Image yesterday, is by Kyle Starks. And it's all about hobos:

This thing is a well-researched (there are footnotes, people--FOOTNOTES!) fantasy (?) about a mysterious hobo searching for the mythical (?) hobo promised land while various forces--hobo and non-hobo--pursue him. And it's really good, and you should read it.

Namor hasn't appeared yet, but it's only a matter of tome, right?

From Rock Candy Mountain #1 (2017)

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Michael May said...

Glad to hear this is good. I had my eye on it, but was waiting to hear some feedback. Will be checking it out now.