Saturday, April 22, 2017

April Madness--The Seven Justice Soldiers of The Victory League Society!!

Of course, the greatest of all of the Justice League/Justice Society team-ups took place in Justice League of America #100-103 (1972):

I will accept no opposing opinions on this. Earth-2 is about to be destroyed by a giant "nebular" space hand, and the JLAers & JSAers must traipse through time and space to recover the long-lost members of the Seven Soldiers Of Victory, who had the secret of stopping the hand.

Comics, brother.

(Those covers are by Nick Cardy, BTW. Awesome)

Anyway, as was the style in those days, the heroes broke into mixed teams to track down the Soldiers, and it got me thinking...if these temporary mini-teams had to fight each other, who would win?

Yes, I'm an idiot.

Anyway, presenting your teams:

Earth-1 Atom, if there's any question.

Earth-1 Superman, and gas-mask wearing Sandman.

Earth-1 Hawkman, Earth-2 Wonder Woman. And who knew that Doc Mid-Nite had a little "Rx" in his logo? "My prescription for JAIL!!!"

Earth-1 Batman.

Earth-1 Green Arrow.

Hal Jordan Green Lantern.

Earth-1 Flash.

That's seven...let's use these guys, who showed up late, to make it an even 8:

That's Earth-2 Green Lantern, Robin/Batman of Earth-2, and Mr. Terrific.

So pick your team--who would win?

Next week, we'll break them into brackets, and begin the April madness that is The Seven Justice Soldiers Of The Victory League Society!!


SallyP said...

h, I do love me some Nick Carey.

But Superman, if you are going to kill someone off to save the earth, Please make it Red Tornado... Please!

snell said...

ell, it wasn't so much "Superman kills someone" as "someone must volunteer for a suicide mission," but yeah, it was Red Tornado who died (for a whole 4 issues).

tomg said...

S'annataz maet lliw niw! (Llew, tpecxe odanrot der...)

Mista Whiskas said...

Isn't Johnny Thunder's genie potentially Galactus level? If so that's going to be a tough one to beat.

George Chambers said...

Later on in this arc: Green Arrow displays a YELLOW, WOODEN arrow that he keeps in his quiver! Yes, that's right: DECADES before Batman started carrying Green Kryptonite in his belt, GA had a weapon that could kill any Green Lantern, including Alan Scott.

So who's the most crazy prepared...?