Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bold Fashion Choices--It's Still Better Than His nu52 Costume!

You just know that when super-heroes get together, they try on each others clothing and accessories, right?

See, a jerkwad alien has used a blast of red sun radiation to take away Superman's powers, and is plundering Thanagar (as well as trying to kill Kal-El's great-grandfather Var-El--yeah, time travel and stuff).

Oh, but Superman has a solution!

Next week: Elongated Man tries on Flash's boots!!

From DC Comics Presents #74 (1984)


Mista Whiskas said...

If Superman's Kryptonian body loses its powers-including invulnerability- under a Red Sun, wouldn't the same happen to those properties in Kryptonian clothing?

snell said...

Fair question, with no easy answer. I know at one point they had declared that red sun radiation blocked the biological process in Kal-El's cells that turn sunlight to power. But his clothing no longer has biological processes, so once limited invulnerability always limited invulnerability? Just guessing, mind you.

George Chambers said...

Or, just saying, Supes... you could let the guy who knows how to use the wings go. He is the guest star in your team-up comic after all. Heaven forbid he should get out from under your shadow and do something heroic. Hey, last I checked, Hawkwoman was just as qualified as Hawkman, so she could have gone too. Sheesh.

SallyP said...

Or... give him Hawkwoman's wings. According to the cover, she certainly wasn't using them.