Monday, April 3, 2017

Manic Monday--Smallville--Tourist Trap!!

Last week we were discussing some of the difference between Earth-1 and Earth-2.

In that story, set on 1950s Earth-2, Clark Kent and Lana Lang met for the first time--as adults!!

How is that possible?


You see...
Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? On Earth-1, once Superboy debuted (and probably once tales of Superbaby began to spread), Smallville no doubt became a tourist destination, a regular spot for the media to visit, a vacation spot for aliens time traveling teenagers and super-villains and...Of course the small town would boom--boom enough to make it feasible for farmers to give up their farm and open up a general store.

However, Lana's story doesn't make sense. Professor Lang of Earth-2 moved to Smallville before Lana was born. But on Earth-1, Lana and Clark were roughly the same age, and any Superboy related boom wouldn't have begun until years after Lana was born. So Smallville-1 would have still been "such a little town" at the same point in Professor Lang's life!! Why did Lang-2 leave Smallville while Lang-1 stayed?!?!?

I like to think that the Professor Lang of Earth-2 killed a man in Smallville--just to watch him die--and left before the law caught up with him...

From Superman Family #203 (1980)

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