Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Much Better Match Than Superman-Wonder Woman!!

At last, Wonder Woman has found a proper suitor:

Nooooo, Diana--not Tony Stark!!

OK, that's not really Tony Stark--it's Alcmaeon, an immortal demigod who is the ruler of New Vladonia. He's engaged in a brutal war with his neighboring country, but he's promised to completely stop the war if Diana will spend the night with him.

But man, he sure looks like Tony Stark:

If you think about it, Tony would be a much better match for Diana than Superman or--shudder--Batman. Why? They have so much in common!

Diana: A gift from the gods for Hippolyta
Tony: God's gift to women

Tony: U.S. Secretary Of Defense
Diana: God of War

Tony: Richer than Creosus
Diana: Probably knew Creosus personally

Diana: Adopted
Tony: Adopted

Diana: Once killed Max Lord
Tony: Once killed Yellowjacket

Start printing the wedding invitations!

From Legends Of The DC Universe #31 (2000)

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