Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Four Seasons...OF DEATH!!

Everybody's talking about the weather...

Four grunts in Korea each have a favorite season ...

But if there's one rule you should follow in a 1950s comic book, it's don't have a favorite anything, because it will come back to ironically kill you later!!

Take, for example, the G.I. who thought summer was the best season:


You know, it wasn't actually summer, that killed him, just his dumbass lack of concentration...

SHUSH--don't question the theme!!

Let's move fall!!


Now wait a minute--

Nope, gotta keep moving! How about winter?

I think you know what's coming...

Man, war is a pretty dangerous place!!

Well, last up is spring. Spring couldn't possibly kill anybody, right?

 Slay Monstrobot reminds you--there is no irony like cheap irony!!

Also, don't have favorite things. And everybody dies, kiddies--everybody!!

From Battle Cry #16 (1955)

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