Monday, November 7, 2016

Manic Monday--The Adventures of The Canadian Hourman?

I bet you never knew that Rex Tyler was a Western hero!

No, not *that* Rex Tyler...

 This Rex Tyler:

What the hell?

Read our caption there...this is the Canadian Rex Tyler!!

Now, if you read that--"vast forces of outlawry still alive to this very day"--and just look at the guy, you're probably thinking that this a traditional Western comic.


It's a 1947 Canadian comic book, set in modern times, when cars and everything were available. But everyone acts as if it's not post-WWII, and we're in ye olde West. Heroes camping out, with grizzled (and barely literate) sidekicks:

Everyone's riding horses:

And the bad guys are owlhoots wearing neckerchief masks who ambush you in the wilderness!

There's plenty of exciting gunplay and fisticuffs...

...and our plot is about bad people trying to seize a silver mine!

And our hero gets his reward under a full moon...

Aside from that car, there's no indication that this story didn't take place in 1878, as opposed to 1947.

Well, I guess if the 1980s didn't make it to Canada until 1993, I guess the Old West could stretch out a few decades longer than it did here, too...

Still, given the later machinations of time travel and whatnot, prove to me that this isn't the classic DC Rex Tyler trapped in the past for awhile...

From Red Seal Comics #22 (1947), as reprinted in Top Adventure Comics #2 (1958)

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Smurfswacker said...

To be fair, there were serials and B-westerns that also featured cowboys alongside cars and planes. I did find it funny how Rex hedges his bets when he makes his vow of vengeance: "...[he] swore to devote his time mostly to avenging their deaths..."