Monday, November 21, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--Intergalactic Conquerors Are Stupid!!

One of the joys of being an early Marvel Universe scientist is that you can have any damn stupid theory in the world, and still get taken seriously.

Take, for example, Paul Kentworth:

Sure, right, OK.

Well, after several pages of romance, adventure and intrigue:

Uhhh, so the bad news is: theory completely wrong. No Nobel for you, Paul.

Oh, and you're going to die now...

But fortunately for Paul (and the Earth)...aliens are bone-stupid:

So, those aliens in Signs who invaded Earth even though water killed them---it wasn't just that they were stupid. All alien invaders chose to invade planets that are almost immediately poisonous to them! Someone owes M. Night Shyamalan an apology for mocking that particular plot point!!

Oh, one other thing:

Archaeologists, even when they're completely wrong, always get the girl!!

From Tales To Astonish #31 (1962)


Green Luthor said...

So... when they go into the alien's chamber, what are they breathing? If the atmosphere is poisonous to the mummy-alien, why does it only affect him once he leaves the pyramid?

Ah, well. At least Archaeologist Guy didn't theorize that the pyramids were graineries. That'd just be crazy!

SallyP said...

Maybe Gloria should wear something other than a dress and heels to go spelunking in a pyramid!

snell said...

Luthor--As the humans enter the pyramid, "The air is so thin in here I can hardly breathe!" Presumably, blowing open an entrance allowed enough of our air in for them to function, but not enough to immediately poison the giant-size mummy.