Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Doctor Strange Movie That We SHOULD Have Gotten!!

Not that I didn't enjoy the Doctor Strange movie...but there was another direction that they could have gone:

Anthony Stark, Master Of The Mystic Arts!!

See, in this particular universe, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange met on the New York party circuit before their respective origins...

So it was Tony Stark's drunken driving that caused the car accident...

Man, I would have paid a lot of money to see Cumberbatch and Downy perform that scene!

So in this timeline, Stark's guilt is the driving force of their search for a cure...

...and Tony ignores weapons dealing and trips to Vietnam/Afghanistan/wherever, so there's no Iron Man!

And while Strange becomes increasingly passive and bitter, Tony's the one who takes them to meet the Ancient One...

Stark is the one who discovers Mordo's plotting, and volunteers to become the Ancient One's disciple...

Leaving Stephen in the role of smart-alecky manservant, while Stark become Mr. Magic Guy.

But he is still Tony Stark, and he does still love to tinker with gadgets to make him a better hero:

Wait, what?

Yeah, Tony has a computer display to help him identify enemies and pick out the best spells!!

Plus his computer automatically aligns his hands and stance for optimum spell-casting!!

No, that's not cheating.

And when it comes time to fight Dormammu, well, it's time to go full armor:

And what does the armor do?

And he kicks Dormammu's ass!!

That is, until Strange betrays Stark!! He got tired of Tony postponing a search for the cure for his hands to save the universe and stuff, and Dormammu promised to restore his hands:

But, man, don't make deals with Dormammu!

Anyhoo, Strange meets Clea, she inspires him to see that Dormammu is really kinda evil, Stark manages to exile Dormammu from the Dark Dimension for an indeterminate number of years. So...

You know, comics really need post-credits scenes, don't they? Because this comic really lacks a scene where [REDACTED] shows up and...

From What If? #113 (1998)

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