Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Avoiding Global War The Rip Regan Way!!

The best way to stop a war? Send in...

Ha!! Take that, Luke Cage!!

Rip Regan has a "power suit" given to him by a friendly scientist [NOTE TO SCIENTISTS: If you want to be more popular, give people power suits!!]. Said suit makes him invulnerable, super-strong, able to leap tall buildings, etc.

Anyway, in the darkest days of 1940, the world is going to hell:

Well, Rip Regan won't have any of that, nosiree!

Well, the word is given, and Power Man is off to unnamed dictatorships!

His plane is shot down, but that's no deterrent!

Well, after several "bullets bounce off his chest!" scenes, Rip reaches the enemy headquarters:

And so ends another war, before it even starts!!

Next, Rip Regan solves poverty and global warming!! You go, Power Man!!

From Fight Comics #10 (1940)

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