Monday, November 7, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Let Me Stand Next To Your Atomic Fire!!

One of the strangest phenomena in the comics world right now is that DC apparently has zero interest in getting Captain Marvel his own book. How can that be possible?

Let's start with:

I think it's an indisputable fact that most news stories would be better if they started with "FLASH!"

Billy's report is right...that's one helluva fire!

The wisdom of Solomon says--let's seed the clouds and make it rain!!


Good question!! How about a conveniently timed answer?

Atomic fire?

It's a good thing that this guy doesn't look or sound anything like a villain, or I wouldn't trust him!

Nope, nothing suspicious here!


Remember--this is much worse than a mere out-of-control normal fire...

Well, the Big Red Cheese tries various things, like dropping mountain top on the fire...


End of the world time!!

Jail it is!!

But, uh, are you gonna stop the unstoppable atomic fire?!?

Holy moly!

I heartily endorse just tossing difficult problems into the sun!

Of course, that still leaves the poor guy who lost his mill and forest!

Because there's absolutely no difference between running a timber operation and a mining operation!!

So, once again, why can't Captain Marvel get his own book? A guy who can take a chunk of land 100 miles in diameter and toss it into the sun, saving the Earth AND catching the bad guy? I think I could find room for him in my comic book line-up...

From Captain Marvel Adventures #122 (1951)

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Erich said...

I knew that "Atomic Fire" sounded familiar...the same concept of "atomic fire burns anything that has atoms in it" was also used in the All-Winners Squad story from All-Winners Comics #21. (I read the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #18, the issue that introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy.) Checking the Grand Comics Database, I see that both stories were written by Otto Binder...never one to let a good idea (or at least a weird idea) go to waste.

The All-Winners story handled it a bit that tale, the Human Torch and Toro put out the atomic fire by smothering it with its own ashes.