Thursday, February 18, 2016

There's More Than One Way To Escape An Inescapable Trap...No, Wait, There's Just One Way!

So, the Justice League has been captured by some dickweed aliens, and left in an inescapable trap:

Yow! They'll never get out of that.

Except they aliens have never heard of super-team teamwork!! (Plus, they weren't smart enough to actual put away Wonder Woman's lasso...Seriously, just leaving it on the floor there?)

Well, that wasn't too hard.

Let's see how another super-team deals with a similar situation:

The Avengers were beaten by Attuma, who put "slave collars" on them, and sent them to attack the Sub-Mariner. But Namor wasn't home, and they ended up fighting Doctor Doom instead.


The collars preventing the Avengers from fighting efficiently, and kept the Vision from using his intangibility, and result was ignominious defeat:

And, surprise, an inescapable trap!

But like the JLAers, the Avengers know the power of super-team team-work (and like the dickweed aliens, Doom and the denizen of Hydrobase are foolish enough to leave Cap's shield just laying about...):

And this is the part where the Vision frees the rest of them, like Hal Jordan did...

...or not so much. [SPOILER ALERT: The Vision just high-tailed it to make an anti-Attuma alliance with Doom, because surprise twist!]

Anyway, that's the definition of trap-escaping teamwork: have the team member dressed in red create an artificial wind that carries the weapon belonging to the team's WWII icon right into their hands! Works every time!!

Remarkable coincidence, or were Gerry Conway & George Perez deliberately referencing a classic tale by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky?

Or maybe snell is just reading way too much into 2 old comics he just happened to read close together lately...?

From Justice League Of America #7 (1961) and Avengers #155 (1977)


SallyP said...

So... Hal just stood there looking pretty whole everyone else did all the work. But in the end he DID flash his taut buttocks at them as he finally freed them.

In contrast, poor Wanda had to really work up a sweat. No one is going to want to sit next to her in the quinjet on the ride home.

Simon Dyer said...

Now I'm wondering how they unscrew difficult jar lids or reach items on slightly too high selves.

Required field must be blank said...

Hal's teammates were all thinking "Buzz saws - why does it have to be buzzsaws?"

George Chambers said...

So, Ollie has a boomerang arrow which literally has a boomerang on the end of the shaft, and this presumably both works perfectly and fits in the quiver just fine, because boomerangs are magical...?