Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DC And Guantanamo--A Pleasant Update!

A couple of weeks ago I took the DC television shows to task, complaining that the all of them had defaulted to tossing villains into secret prisons, without trial or hope of release, and lacking anything regarding civil liberties.

Well, fairness demands that I at least mention that this week's Supergirl acknowledged the issue, even using some of the terms I had mentioned in my post. And they resolved things (more or less) in a way befitting what we expect from a super-hero representing the House Of El. So full, unsarcastic props. Thank you, DC Entertainment.

Now we just have to see if Barry Allen, a police detective, a reporter and 25 scientists can realize that running their own Guantanamo in the basement of a particle accelerator might be seen as problematic. (I really don't care what happens on Green Arrow).

And let's also hope that the Supergirl writers will stop having DEO members execute villains, when, as Supergirl herself said, there's always another way.

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