Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DC Geographry--Where's Atlantis?

When you're trying to figure out where places are located in the DC Universe, you have to use every scrap of information you can find, including some unusual places.

Superman is dead, and Lois is trying to make herself forget by attending a swanky UN function, where she meets...

Wait a minute...

Every child? He's pranking you, Lois!

Well, that's got to play havoc with shipping routes...

What's going on?!?

Lois soon figures out that she's in an alternate dimension, where Atlantis never sank! (And that means that *her* Superman isn't dead! Yay!).

So now, we not only know where Atlantis is...but as a bonus, we have an alternate dimension with no Aquaman!!

From Lois Lane #43 (1963), as reprinted in Lois Lane #113 (1971)

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