Monday, February 8, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--That Time Thor Fought Batman!

The Doctor and his companion I mean Batman and Robin have traveled back to "Ancient Norseland" in the year 522 to track done a time-traveling bad guy, Future Man.

Unfortunately, Future Man pulls the old "those guys are evil demons, why else would they wear masks?" ploy, and...

Batman and Robin get their asses kicked by Vikings. So much for Mr. "I could take out Superman."

Yes, some of those Vikings are wearing horned helmets. Who are you going to believe, stuffy scientists who weren't there, or comic books? I rest my case.

By the way, no matter what era they're in, Dick is pretty stupid:

Ha ha idiot!

Well, when they get to the Vikings' base, they meet...THOR!!

Now, Future Man has really come back in time to steal Mjolnir, so he pulls the old "I bet my weapon is mightier than yours" ploy. Yes, Future Man has a lot of ploys.

Ahhh..."fashioned from a fiery star-stone"!

And by golly, it works as advertised!

But Future Man goes "Yoink," and...

So much for Thor's legend...

It turns out that Future Man wanted that special meteorite metal, because when combined with kryptonite, it could be used to form an unstoppable super-weapon. Which is true, but Batman and Robin and Superman stopped it. But the hammer was all used up in the process, so Thor never got his hammer back. So, Ragnarok, I guess...

This was the last story drawn by Dick Sprang...

From World's Finest Comics #135 (1963)

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