Monday, February 15, 2016

Manic Monday--Sing Along With Captain Marvel, You Juvenile Delinquents!!

You guys know a great way to start the week?

How about singing this swell new song? It's being sung by good Americans everywhere...and Captain Marvel says that you'd better damn well memorize the words!!

Not surprisingly, there's a story behind this ditty...

In the late 1940s, the lack of Nazis to fight caused America to try and find other problems to be worried about, and good old "juvenile delinquency" was right at the top of the list!

The U.S. Attorney General started the Continuing Committee on the Prevention and Control of Delinquency, which worked towards spearheading a nationwide community organizing drive among other vague goals. Meanwhile, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Theater Owners of America were concerned that media, namely movies, was going to be unfairly blamed for the "surge" in delinquency. So they adopted all sorts of programs to make themselves look concerned and forestall any actual anti-movie actions (which proved wise, given what was coming in the near future for comic books).

So as one of "look like you're doing something while actually doing nothing" moves, the movie groups persuaded Attorney General Clark to "endorse an official song" for National Youth Month, for "community sings in theaters across the country."

The above was that song. And Fawcett Comics picked up on it, and reprinted the song in a number of their books.

So, everyone--if you're a good American, get singing! Captain Marvel is watching...

From Whiz Comics #106 (1949)

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Anonymous said...

A little tough on lads who aren't fair-haired, isn't it?