Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Night Fights--Terrordactyl Style!!

This week is not only a return to "man-on animal action" here at Slay Monstrobot.

This week's Friday Night Fight features man-on-prehistoric-animal action!!

Billy Batson is covering a scientific expedition to the "Pool of Wai," a LeBrea-type mudpit apparently chock full of prehistoric specimens.

Batson is giving the task of cleaning up the specimen...

But there's just one problem:



Spacebooger would like to assure you that real pterodactyls probably did not look like that.

Captain Marvel beats up previously extinct species in Captain Marvel Adventures #10 (1942); sadly, none of the credits for this story are available.

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because the Marvel Family in Jurassic Park is a brilliant idea. So go vote!


SallyP said...

"Shaz-Ulp" may be one of the greatest things ever written in a comic book.

Sina said...

At least they rightly called it a "flying lizard" instead of "dinosaur" :) ...even if they did get the species wrong :P

Dan said...

I revel in the idea that Marvel insists in talking smack even though it can't understand him.