Saturday, February 20, 2016

Build High For Happiness!

It turns out that there is a very practical reason that you shouldn't build your buildings too tall.

Airboy is flying around the Himalayas, because why not, when he finds a strange castaway:

Well, Airboy "rescues" the guy, taking him to England. But...

Airboy leaves him in the hands of the British health care system, and forgets about him. Some hero!

But a few months later, he discovers that "Tundra" was not just a pilot, but also an architect! And he insists on making the world's tallest building, despite derision from "fools"!

OK, that sounds perfectly sane.

But guess what? Tundra does it!

And it's all true--there are schematics!

Tundra's work is not just an architectural wonder--it's also evolving (or devolving) the human race!

Oh, yeah, and he has "solar missiles" to bomb the world's capitols!

So, not such a good neighbor...

Fortunately, Airboy manages to thwart Tundra's plan...

So remember, kids--keep those buildings low, unless you want to wipe out Europe and develop a whole race of sub-humans!! In which case, good luck!!

From Airboy #92 (1951)

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Sina said...

He was so over-joyed at meeting one of his own kind at last that he...decided to destroy them all? isn't for wimps :P ;)