Thursday, February 25, 2016

The 1971 Version Of Spotify!!

Back in 1971, we didn't need no Spotify or Pandora to put together "playlists" of our favorite music...and we didn't have any "cloud" to store them on!

Nope, "playlists" of our favorite songs were sent to us--physically! On vinyl!!

Yip, Crystal Corp put together compilation of hits (hopefully legally...) and sold 'em to kids through comic books!!

So, let's play a little game. Let's say that you only had $3.49, but just had to have some music in your life. Which "playlist" would you "download"?

Solid Gold Hits? (Click on the link to see the complete track listing...

Happening Hits?

Groovy Hits?

Heavy Hits? (I'd presume "heavy" is the 1970s "heavy, man," and not heavy metal...

Or how about Solid Hits?

Choose wisely, friends--in those days, music was a physical thing, and people could see your record collection, and judge you by it...

From World's Finest Comics #200 (1971)


SallyP said...

That...that's some fabulous music, man. Well, except for the Bee Gees.

Oculus Orbus said...

By any definition, I'm not sure how "Yummy Yummy Yummy" could be considered heavy.

Janis Joplin? Absolutely! The Ohio Express? Not so much.