Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Great Lakes Avengers--A Slight Defense!

You know, they get a lot of crap for being jokes.

But in their very first appearance, the Great Lakes Avengers are nobody to mess with:

This was pre-Hawkeye & Mockingbird tutelage. They handily took out the robbers & freed the hostages.

Sure, it's not the same thing as taking on Kang or the Masters Of Evil...but these guys are hardly the Inferior Five. Hell, they're probably more effective than the Champions ever were (not to mention various incarnations of the Defenders)!

Somewhere along the line, the Great Lakes Avengers became a punch line. Because they were from the Midwest and not the coasts? Because of Squirrel Girl? Who can say.

But I'm just hear to remind you that, once upon a time, they were a nice little super-hero team. Attention must be paid...

From West Coast Avengers #46 (1989)

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-3- said...

Besides the potential reasons you listed, they simply were not a "pretty" group. That probably hurt them as much as, or more than, most anything else in our current culture. (Yes, the word culture is used rather loosely here)