Monday, February 22, 2016

Manic Monday--Why Obama Should Appoint Batman To Replace Scalia!!

Hang on tight, lads--you're about to enter the world of Batman--legal expert!!

A mysterious fiend known only as Capricorn has been blackmailing the high and mighty of Gotham, with information that is seemingly possible for him to have gotten.

Batman is baffled, so he calls in pal Superman to insist with his investigation. And the quickly settle on one particular ex-con as their chief suspect:

But can you prove it?

Hahaha--surely, Superman, you are forgetting the famous case Batman V. Known Mafiosi--you don't need no stinking warrants if you're pretty sure the guy is guilty!!

Ah, but trouble comes when Batman tries to pick the lock...

Oh, great, another new power for Superman...

But why was the door booby-trapped?

Ah, yes, the famous case of Batman V. Crumb...

Actually, in most jurisdictions it is indeed illegal to booby-trap your own home. And while it's never gone to the U.S. Supreme Court in our universe, it has made it to at least one state supreme court. Which I guess is close enough for Bob Haney, right?

Anyway, they search Fabio's crib, and find no evidence whatsoever. They do arrest him for the booby-trap, but he makes bail. And the real Capricorn decides to make a point by killing the "fake" Capricorn:

Well played, Caped Crusader. You not only violated an innocent man's rights, you got him killed.

Stayed tuned for the follow-up massive civil suit, Fabio's Family Vs. Dumbass Superhero!

From World's Finest Comics #218 (1973)

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