Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How Tor Won The War, Chapter 4--The Homefront

During the Second World War, there was one place even more dangerous than the Blitz, or the naval war, or the war in the Pacific: the U.S of A!

If you believe Golden Age comic books, every single town in America was filled to the brim with German agents, stealing secrets and committing sabotage, all just moments from completely destroying America's war effort!!

Take, for example, this bar near the waterfront, where U.S. sailors keep disappearing right before the ship sails:

It's chock full of torture-happy Nazis, trying to get the dope on troop movements and ship plans and the like!!

Fortunately, Tor The Magic Master is on hand to save our swabs!

Hell yes!

Tor even turns the tables on the evil Germans:

Well, after a big old brawl, Tor encounters the brains behind the operation:


Most. Patriotic. Rats. Ever.

And so the homeland was protected by a backwards talking magician...

From Crack Comics #26 (1942)

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SF said...

Errr... If I'm reading that correctly, Tor's spell in the middle is "All you sailors are immune to pain and death." He seems to have neglected to make them, you know, immune to harm? Shouldn't the Nazis be badly injuring the sailors, but the sailors cannot feel their injuries and will not die no matter how badly they're hurt? Seems like a detail of a really hideous horror story...