Wednesday, September 23, 2015

When Sidekicks Can't Keep Their Grades Up!

Man, I wish my homework had been this cool:

Sadly, all that crime-fighting may have had a negative impact on Dick Grayson's studies...

Sweet mother of mercy, you're stupid, Dick!!

There's only one step to take...


Poor bewildered Dick!!

Anyway, Batman is the man prepared to beat anyone including Superman, so of course he quickly gets into a jam only a teenager can bail him out of. Ahem.

Anyway, in rescuing Batman and capturing the crooks, Robin displays quite a deep knowledge of chemistry:

You might have images in your head now of Batman skulking around a school, beating up such luck!

Ahahahha...the old "mixed up the report cards with another kid with the exact same name except for middle initial" ploy. I hope Bruce sues the school into dust...

Notes: A) Dick wears a yellow shirt with a red tie and green pants to school. All under a blue blazer. YEOW, my eyes!!

B) This Richard E. Grayson must still be out there, right? Still not too bright, upset at always being mistaken for the "real" Dick Grayson, frustrated at living in the shadow of the wealthy ward for all his life...There's a story there. Perhaps the Joker discovers Robin's identity, but it's the wrong Richard Grayson, and...well, that's why I'm not allowed to write comics.

From Batman #18 (1943)

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Mista Whiskas said...

Wow, the wish fulfillment here is so very, very strong...