Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Fast And The Furious Co-Ed

In romance, speed can kill:

See, Connie is popular, because she's a "fast girl"!

But she befriends poor Linda!

Well, Linda's parents aren't putting up with such "sophisticated" nonsense:

Man, those parents are tough!

But the next day...

Please note that "one-arm driving" is listed ahead of liquor as a cause for the accident. No one-arm driving, kids!!

But the milkman recovered, and apparently in those days, they only pressed charges if someone actually died. So...

Our lessons?!? Dress dowdily and wear your hair plainly or you will kill a milkman.

Strict parents will keep you from killing a milkman.


From Hi-School Romance #38 (1955)

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SallyP said...

My god, life was so simple then!