Thursday, September 17, 2015

How To Market A Dictator-God To Millennials!

In case you were wondering...

What, you were expecting strawberry-kiwi?

Also, you can reach today's wretched serfs kids through music:



 I. Said. Word.

From Secret Wars Journal #5 (2015)

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Sina said...

*DOOM* scoffs at your pathetic use of the "Three-Words-Punctuated" gimmick because he would never stoop to such inane silliness & also because *DOOM* knows that, in order to do it *correctly*, then you must choose three words that *stand alone* as full & complete sentences alone in regards to their subject :# for example, 'Real. Live. Drama.' such as when talking about a broadcast-live television "reality" show, etc.

*DOOM* suffers your incompetance & wishes that more people would understand the intricacies of the common English tongue...common & vulgar as it is :#