Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Because I Can't Resist A Good Training Sequence!

As we saw earlier today, Justin Hammer took over Iron Man's armor and kinda sorta killed a U.N. ambassador!

How embarrassing!!

Anyway, the police have confiscated the armor while they investigate Tony Stark's claim that it wasn't his fault (likely story!). But that means Tony is without his bodyguard [editors note--Tony's secret ID was none by very few at this point in time]!

Fortunately, he knows someone who can coach him up a little bit in self-defense:

Someone cue Eye Of The Tiger or The Final Countdown!

That's all right, Tony--even Superman wasn't ready for Muhammed Ali!!

From Iron Man #125 (1979)

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Simon Dyer said...

I know Cap#s trying not to laugh in Pic #6 but the hand makes it look like he's going "Get a load of this guy!" to someone off panel.