Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction!

As we discussed yesterday, Tony Stark's armor had been experiencing some unexplained, random malfunctions...like this:

Well, that can be a pain, right?

The malfunctions are being caused by Justin Hammer, who is much more competent and evil than the dufus Sam Rockwell portrayed in the Iron Man 2 movie:

Anyway, Iron Man is a guest at a special United Nations reception for the ambassador from Carnelia (because all the good fake country names were already taken). Let a bureaucrat fill us in:

So, the ambassador is a silly little man...

,,,but quite harmless. And in no way at all deserving of what comes nest:

Yeah, Iron Man just flat out killed a guy.

Don't worry, he eventually manages to clear himself, but that poor little ambassador is still missing most of his internal organs.

Moral: don't make 123456 your armor's password...

From Iron Man #123 & #124 (1979)

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