Monday, September 7, 2015

Manic Labor Day--You Kids And Your Mega-Pixels!!

I realize that I haven't gone into "grumpy old man" mode for quite awhile. So...

Back in my day, when didn't have cameras in our portable cellular phones!! We had to take our pictures the old-fashioned way--with these:

And it was much better that way!! We weren't spoiled by "mecha-pixels" or "image stabilizers"--or even color for that matter!!

And when you snapped a picture, it was days--literally days--before you knew whether of not it came out! And you had to pay someone else
to figure that out for you!!

So you all can keep your "instantgram" and "intrared sensors" and "rear cameras"--seriously, you kids like taking pictures of your rears?--and just go play in the cloud or whatever it is you do!

Me, I'm just sticking with my Brownie Hawkeye and it's 12 black & white snaps at a time...Long live Kodak!

From Captain Marvel, Jr. #88 (1950)

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