Saturday, September 5, 2015

Captain Marvel Jr Shows Why California Should Consider Itself Lucky!

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs!

Air shortage?!?

You see, Fawcett City has just come out of a terrible drought...

Oh, yoiu had to open your mouth, didn't you, Freddy?

Well, it turns out...

And the scientist with the not-at-all evil name explains:

And so begans a campaign of public nagging and hectoring like we've never seen:

And Freddy doesn't just talk the talk--he walks the walk!

Will there be no end to this reign of terror?

But of course, it turns out that it was all a scam by Professor Wolfe to steal Earth's air and sell it back to the people, because Golden Age...

Uhhh...Captain Marvel Jr. was largely responsible for spreading and publicizing the hoax, celebrity-slurping newspaper! Where the hell is J. Jonah Jameson when we need him?!?

From Captain Marvel, Jr. #88 (1950)

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