Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Namor And The Battle Between The Generations!

Nobody loves Namor...

Poor, broody Sub-Mariner!

Actually, despite what the cover implies, some people do love Namor. You see, word has gotten out that the controversial fish-guy is joining the Avengers, so we have dueling demonstrations!

The Greatest Generation, you see, reveres Namor for his help fighting the Axis in WWII:
Meanwhile, the Baby Boomers kinds sorta remember the time Namor vowed to kill them all, and invaded the surface world:

Well, the United Nations has forgiven Namor, at least in the name of political expediency...

I like to think that there's a third demonstration, demanding that Namor put some damn clothes on!!

But there's the generational divide, in one digestible nugget: your grandparents love Namor...

...and your parents hate him!

Which, of course, makes Namor brood some more...

Of ocurse, this was all before Namor began advertising himself as a mutant, and destroying Wakanda. So now, Everybody Hates Namor!! (That's an actual sitcom in Marvel-616, I think...)

From Avengers #270 (1986)

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SallyP said...

It could be worse. They could be openly mocking him like poor Aquaman.