Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tales From The Quarter Bin--How To Promote The Legion Of Super-Heroes!

It's now been over two years since DC published a continuing Legion Of Super-Heroes title (not counting the recent Convergence tie-in, because, really now...Convergence.).

Back in the halcyon days of 1983, DC understood something fundamental about promoting the Legion Of Super-Heroes:

The Legion incorporates/intersects with every part of the DC Universe, and with every style/genre of comics. There's no need to re-focus or reboot the Legion--just pick the story you want to tell, and tell it.

Don't worry about the "too large a cast of characters"--good gosh, the X-Men can remain popular despite that "handicap." How many Avengers are there these days? The large cast isn't a bug--it's a feature!

Don't worry about "too complex a back-story or continuity"--heavens, that's not stopping DC from running promoting Justice League 3000, is it? Besides, being set a thousand years in the future, if you've got a smart editorial team, you can pretty much ignore any events/continuity you want to. Dismiss it with a "records from that era were all lost!" aside...and just tell stories.

Teenagers with superpowers form a club to fight evil in the future--by Rao, what part of that is too difficult to grok?

From DC Sampler #1 (1983)

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