Sunday, September 13, 2015

So, How Does A Playboy Get Custody Of An Orphan, Anyway?

Bruce Wayne has been Dick Grayson's guardian for a a few years now...but it turns out that Dick has some living relatives!

And guess want? George and Clara want custody!

Well, it ends up going to court, where, surprisingly, some people believe that a playboy bachelor might not be the best parental figure for an impressionable young lad!

"Cafe society?!?"

Well, things get very sad at Wayne Manor...

...very, very sad...

Life goes on, but without Robin...Batman just hasn't the will to fight crime very well!

But fortunately, Dick managed to sneak out, and restore Bruce's reason to live!

Sounds like true love, guys.

Now, I know that you're thinking that George and Clara are imposters, or some other DC trick.

NO!! They're real, all right...but not necessarily good:

All sorts of hi-jinks ensue, involving gangsters kidnapping everybody, and Alfred rescuing them all with one of Penguin's trick umbrellas, etc.

We end up back in court, where the judge is none to pleased with the non-flying Graysons:

But wait...Bruce is still a wastrel playboy, right?

Oh, well, if Batman says it's OK....

By the way--I know it's 70 years and many reboots later...But George and Clara are still out there!! Dick Grayson has living relatives who are total scumballs!! There's gotta be a story in there somewhere!

From Batman #20 (1943), as reprinted in Batman Family #10 (1977).


Martin Gray said...

I was reading that recently, it was shocking that they were really his relatives. I don't think they ever did bring them back.

And there is another relative, Aunt Harriet Cooper. I think they used her once or twice ;)

Mista Whiskas said...

Nothing like a quick word from a masked vigilante to verify the potential parenting quality of a wild, wealthy playboy!