Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How To Save Print News Media, World's Finest Style!!

Like much of print journalism these days, the Gotham Gazette is in serious financial trouble:

But here's one solution--find a billionaire "angel" to solve your problems!


Bruce Wayne, if you're so worried, you could just BUY the newspaper--and as it's about to shut down, you could probably get it for pennies on the dollar.

Also, if raising circulation is the concern, I would think that Bruce Wayne could easily "arrange" an exclusive interview with Batman, a ride-along in the know, all the stuff that works so well for the Daily Planet.

And speaking of the Planet...Bruce reaches out to Clark Kent for help, because apparently there are no competent reporters in Gotham. But there's no way Perry White would agree to loan out his star reporters, right? Unless you use reverse psychology:

I guess the Planet will just publish recipes or something for the next 30 days...

But there's even more trouble in Gotham!

And what kind of editor is Lois?

Total tyrant.

Fortunately, Superman and Batman manage to track down that big crime scoop...but how to get the paper out in time?

So, all's well that ends well!

That's the way to save modern newspapers--get a billionaire to steal top talent from other cities' papers, and use non-union labor to distribute your papers!!

From World's Finest #80 (1956), as reprinted in World's Finest #188 (1969)


Sina said...

*Or...* you get by with a little help from your friends :) remember, Perry Mr. White actually worked for the Gazette when he was younger :D so he probably knew the owner/publisher/family, etc.

Sina said...

BTW: I'm super-underwhelmed for tha Superman-Batman movie, in particular because it cloys onto that xenophobic shit about Supes being an alien n being judged for who you are or happen to be rather than for what you do or the choices you make (ie: the very definition of prejudice, or "pre-judging" someone instead of on what their actions may or may not be)...and which is something that a bone-fide hero like the Batman would know n never have to question in the slightest unless it was out of character n the writers jus wanted a shitty reason for the two to b at odds :/ like i said, xenophobic *shit*

But this comic could & should b the *perfect* plot for a Batman/Superman movie crossover event type thing! :D It's got it *ALL*! :) Batman & Superman working *together*, a plausible reason for Supes/Clark (& Lois)to b in Gotham, nice great character development & interaction (& actually *in-character* development & interaction, to boot :P ), it evens hearkens back (& manages to foretell at tha same time, considering it was publushed first) tha "newspaper" angle of the first Michael Keaton-Tim Burton Batman movie (with Vicki Vale, Prince, Arliss & Bob Kane's drawing of a "man dressed as a 'bat'") :)

Seriously, i'd take a dramatic role like that based in Gotham's newspaper halls over the one thats actually coming out soon any day :) you can even make it "topical" n up-to-date n "modern" by keeping the "bankruptcy" storyline angle by saying "the Gazette is losing money, we have to get with the times, how can we save it?", etc, etc. & then reveal that it's part of some villian's (either new for this series/crossover, or a team-up of Supes n Bats' nemesesis together) dastardly plot to bankrupt the Gazette, Gotham & the Wayne estate so they could take it over n begin their conquest of the world, etc. etc.

Srsly, Lex Luthor, the Joker, General Zod, Ra's Al Ghul & Brainiac all working together behind-the-scenes to bury the Gotham Gazette? :) i'd watch that over the "Superman's an alien? I must stop him! *Even* if it goes against everything we know about these characters n who they are n how they'd react n what they stand for" retarded-Batman flick any day :D

Sina said...

Plus...they could end it with the super-secret reveal of Bane taking Bats by surprise n snapping his neck while also showing an asteroid hurtling towards earth as a vessel for the coccooned Doomsday, having been found n summoned by the cadre of villains, etc. which easily sets up the dangers n creates the cliffhangers for the inevitable sequel :) you could even have the first appearance of the Justice League be the final teaser in the movie, watching their monitors n saying, "What is that? Some kind if asteroid? It's heading this way...send Hawkwoman & Red Tornado to check it out. There's something inside n it's *moving*, abort, abort...AHHHH!!!" *DOOM*!!! "Mtrplssss..." :) :P ...knomsayin?

Martin Gray said...

Never mind using non-union Labour, Superman gave the thing away for free!