Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bare Banner & Hirsute Hulk?

Not to get obsessed about trivial matters...but I'm about to get obessed on trivial matters (again).

Here at Slay Monstrobot, we've been focused like a laser for years on the burning issue of whether or not artists portray the Hulk with chest hair.

Just last month, we had new a new data point to discuss, as Jim Starlin made it fairly clear that he preferred a hirsute Hulk.

But today, we go to new depths heights of investigation, as we tackle the issue: if the Hulk has a hairy chest, does Bruce Banner, too?

Clearly, Jim Starlin (and/or inker Andy Smith and/or colorist Frank D'Armata) believe the answer is... Hirsute Hulk, but Bare banner.

Thank you for your attention in this crucial matter.

From Thanos Vs. Hulk #3 (2015). By the way, Thanos does not appear in a single panel in this story...he isn't even mentioned!! I guess "Hulk Vs. Blastaar" wouldn't have sold nearly as well...


OTL said...

So, which do you suppose would be weirder: watching Banner turn into the Hulk and suddenly start growing chest hair... or Hulk turning back to Banner and watching all that hair retract into his body?

Sina said...

RE: "watching all that hair retract into his body"...It would just fall off in the de-transformation, wouldn't it? I mean, it's dead right? Hair is a dead tissue/matter/whatev? So it would be discarded as useless and/or unnecessary as Banner absorbs the gamma energy back into himself, no?

Unless the hair's also been changed by the gamma-radiation so that it's actually still live, *a*live and living tissue (similarily akin to the "living prehensile hair" of that infamous Inhuman, the lady Medusa)...which means that it would then be absorbed back in the manner you suggest?

*Whew*...some places & things your thoughts go wen you let your mind wander/dwell/expand, lol :P *man* ;)

Justin Metzger said...

Is it green too like his hair on his head appears to be? Is it a really dark green darker even than his cranial hair?