Monday, February 23, 2015

Manic Monday--He Who Smelt It...?

This is, well...kind of...delicate.

You all know that I love the thought of reviving obscure, long-lost Golden Age heroes.

But even I have to admit--for some of these heroes, there is definitely a reason they've been lost to the tides of time.

Take this guy, for example:

Dynamite Thor? Who dat?

So wait...he uses high explosives to fight crime? That's kinds dangerous, isn't it?

Well, not for him, as he's "immune to the effect of explosives."

And what's this bit about "propelling himself through the air with dynamite"?? That can't be good, can it?

Wait a minute--that looks like he is...well, is he...I mean, could he be...?

Seriously--is he propelling himself with...flatulence?

I mean, we know it's supposed to be blowing up dynamite behind himself as a (crazy) means of propulsion...but boy o boy, it sure looks like he's, well, you know!!

Oh, once in a while he throws some explosives at other folks...

But 90% of his stories seem to be him the power of farts!

I mean, look at that!!

Good gosh!

He's flying by farting!!!!!!!

Man, I wish Roy Thomas had found an excuse to work this guy into the All-Star Squadron...(or maybe that's why Sandman wore the gas mask??)

From Weird Comics #7 (1940)

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