Sunday, February 22, 2015

DC's Clone Saga--Short But Sweet!

So Superman is flying into Project Cadmus to rescue Jimmy and Lois from nefarious goings-on, when...



In no particular order:

1) A tiny Hawkman is pretty not-threatening. Seriously. Mini-Green Arrow, too...unless he has kryptonite arrows or such.

2) So clones are...tiny? Miniature? Diminutive? What the hell, DC?

3) Mini-Hal Jordan has a power ring "that siphons energy from the original's ring!"

If you can siphon power from Green Lantern's ring, why do you need a clone? Why not, you know, just use the ring yourself to implement your dastardly scheme to wipe out humanity and replace it with clones of yourself? The most powerful weapon in the universe might come in handy there...

4) Does mini-Wonder Woman's lasso "siphon the magic of the original," too?

5) Maybe, just maybe, the Justice League should reconsider their policy of donating cell tissues to evil organizations. Or even good ones. Nothing but trouble can result.

6) So evil Cadmus had "cell tissues" from Superman. They must have used kryptonite or red sun radiation to obtain them, right? Because invulnerability and stuff? So, why not use that kryptonite and red sun radiation instead of sending the Lollipop Guild after Kal-El?

SPOILER ALERT: Lois makes a big brain explode and the clones die. Don't ask. It's Metropolis, Jake...

From Superman Family #194 (1979)

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Green Luthor said...

Please tell me there was a miniature clone of the Atom.

(Actually, this kind of reminds me of an episode of "Challenge of the Superfriends"; the Legion of Doom made a growth ray, so which members do they use it on? Bizarro, which I suppose makes some sense, since he was basically just an evil Superman. But they also used it on Captain Cold, Toyman, and Sinestro - three guys without powers who use external devices, which shouldn't matter if they're giant or not! Nice job, guys. Hard to see why you always lose...)