Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spoiler Sunday--Ant-Man #2!!

WARNING: This point contains a minor but wonderful spoiler for this week's Ant-Man #2. It doesn't show up until a ways after the embedded video below. Read at your own risk...

Allow me to start by saying that Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas are rocking it out on the new Ant-Man series.

We all know that Ant-Man is a joke, right? He's Marvel's Aquaman!

Let's face it--when you have a 1970s Saturday Night Live sketch in part dedicated to mocking Ant-Man's very existence, well, that's a major slap in the face from an arbiter of pop culture:

I just can't figure out how Aquaman became pop culture's symbol of the epitome of lameness, after that.

Now, when Marvel decided to bring us an Ant-Man series, to coincide with the forthcoming Ant-Man movie, well, they could have gone the DC/Geoff Johns route: be all defensive about the "loser" reputation. Have your hero spend substantial parts of the first few issues confronting civilians who think he's a loser, and set them straight. While being an obnoxious ass about it.

Or, you could give the title to Nick Spencer. And he could use the same approach that he did on the excellent Superior Foes Of Spider-Man: embrace the lame. Wallow in it. Use it as a way to develop character.

So read the book, I'm saying.

Anyway, that aside, issue # 2 brings us one of the greatest comic book creations in the history of ever. For, locked in a secret vault in a Miami bank...

Midasbot!! An atomic-powered alchemical Nazi robot, that kills its foes by turning them into gold.

Goddamn, I love comic books!!

Keep on flying that loser flag, Nick Spenser!!

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