Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valuable Advice For Lady Job Hunters!

Really? Well, he have some vital tips for you, women of America!

"Fits perfectly" is key! And no extreme colors!!

Without a veil? Wow, that was close to being a disaster--good thing we stopped you in time!

No gum chewing, no vaping, no injecting yourself with heroine in the waiting many rules!

I never would have thought of telling the boss about my previous experience, education, and qualifications! Thanks for the tip!

Because there are so, so many jobs you can't handle...

Woo hoo!! 

But what happens after you're hired? That comes next post!!

From Cinderella Love #13 (1953)

1 comment:

Smurfswacker said...

And Miss Allison's first assignment was to teach the boss how to spell ":pleasantly" in the last panel.