Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mary Marvel Vs. Geoff John's Color Corps!?!

I have found conclusive proof that Geoff Johns has invented a time machine, and has gone back  to the 1940s to write comics.

A new jerk has come to Fawcett City (or whatever they called it back then) to wield his malevolent powers...

Color King? What kind of wiener is this guy?

Tibet? Those guys are always training people and letting them come over here to make trouble: the Shadow, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist...and now Color King! Isn't it about time we imposed some immigration restrictions on people traveling to Tibet?

Well, this dude can't be too bad. What kind of trouble can red eye beams cause?

The color red makes people angry? Hmmm, why does that sound so familiar?

Don't worry, though--Mary Batson is on the scene to make peace!

OMG!! The emotional spectrum? In a Marvel Family story?!! In 1946?!?

But the Color King isn't limited to just one color...

Green ="soothing"? No wonder Hal Jordan is always so mellow!

And Color King has many more tricks up his sleeve...
Blue = depression? I guess that makes more sense than "hope." You don't see many hopeful people playin' the blues...

 And the blue makes this guy more than just a little depressed...

Don't worry--Mary saves him.

Next in our Crayola Box Of Emotional Powers?

Purple is the color of madness?? Not love or compassion (depending on whether you think it's violet or indigo)? Well, I suppose if you were Von Doom or such, you would declare that love and compassion are madness, so there you go.

Again, no worries...Mary rescues the King Kong wannabe.

But our villain has one more deadly hue in his color quiver:

Black is death? Death isn't even an emotion!! This has got to be Johns, right?

A restaurant that has a doorman dressed like a Russian Cossack?!? Only in Fawcett City!!

OK, that is terrible advertising for your restaurant!!

Again, don't be worried--Mary saved the day once again!

But there is a point to the Color King's reign of inconvenience:

Well, Mary gets caught skulking about...and just like every other crook in Fawcett City, Color King keeps a good supply of  gags handy!

And now, the ultimate expression of his power!

Fortunately, Mary has found the one flaw in Color King's powers:

They can't effect you if you close your eyes!!

Time for Mary to pretend to be an empty husk...

In her Marvel form, she's immune!!


Colors carrying the power of emotion? "Death" being on that spectrum, as black, even though death is not an emotion and black is not a color? Come on, this has to be a Geoff Johns joint, right?

From Mary Marvel #3 (1946)

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