Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Fish Shouldn't Be Given UN Membership!

The incredibly dim Doctor Judd has been trying to find a way to communicate with sea life!! And then he finds a "genius" dolphin, and proceeds to teach him all about humanity.

SPOILER ALERT: This was not a good idea.

So Star the super-smart dolphin proceeds to organize all sea life in a revolt against man's tyranny!

Fact: it doesn't go well for humankind.

(Just for the record, if you don't think an octopus can be that deadly out of the water, you might want to check this out)

Well, there really is only one solution:

Really, Atlantis (Marvel or DC) should have been this effective!

And so it passes...

Well, that's it for Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, I guess...

But wait!
A whale? In the East River?!?!

"Just as we have our political assassinations here on land, the fish of the sea are having theirs!"

Holy shit.

Of course, neither the whale nor the dolphin are fish, so...

Does that mean the whale is Lee Harvey Oswald?

Why did the whale assassinate Star? BECAUSE. Cease with your foolish human questions.

And just pray that another genius fish doesn't appear in our lifetime!!

From Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea #12 (1968)


Paul said...

It wasn't Star's fault! The UN translator was intentionally misinterpreting and creating a hostile atmosphere. Was he paid off by the whales?

Dan said...

I can't stop laughing at that TV on a lifeboat.