Monday, February 9, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The WORST Title Font Of All Time!

You know, you can be one of those folks who seems to spend their day hunting for uses of Comic Sans to mock so they can feel morally superior, fontographically speaking.

But seriously, Comic Sans has nothing on this...

A little bit closer, please?


By the very next issue, someone had realized what they had done, as the next Johnny Bellows story chickened out and used a pretty lame font:

Come on, 21st century America! Let's revive (and use!) the "Johnny Bellows" font! Especialy in combination with the "child's first cursive" font that immediately follows in "city detective"!


From Lawbreakers #1 (1951)

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Martin Gray said...

That is AWESOME, cursive yet angular, a punch in the face to less daring fonts!