Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Joker WISHES He Had Practical Jokes This Evil!!

An ad you might not want to answer if you see it on craigslist:

Well, unless you're Hitler or something...

Actually, that fanciful ad from the splash panel turns out to have absolutely nothing to do with the story, wherein a Mr. Joshua Scratch sets up a tricks and novelties shop in Whereverville.

Oh, by the way...they're EVIL tricks:


Or how about when the heart-broken bus driver swings into the shoppe?

But, as (evil) fate would have it, his gal gets on the bus he's driving!

Sneezing and driving--just don't do it!!

And Scratch's final customer of the day?


Well, the cops in this town aren't totally stupid. They put one and one together, and...

Well, I didn't see that coming!

Thank you, pre-Code Canadian horror comic, for teaching us the dangers of buying practical joke gear from Satan!!

From Journey Into Fear #18 (1954)

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Martin Gray said...

That's rather brilliant. Do you have any more from the same source?